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          Talking Timelords is your podcast through time and space!  We're your source for Doctor Who discussion, reviews, news and commentary!

          This may look like an ordinary podcast, but this one’s bigger on the inside, and it can travel anywhere through time and space. Pack your sonic screwdrivers and your Jelly Babies. Grab your hats, scarves, and tighten your bowties. Get ready to run with your hosts, Jason Hunt and Paul Gann, as they stow away on the TARDIS! You’re the companion on this wibbly wobbly timey wimey adventure! This is Talking Timelords!*


*Talking Timelords is a proud member of the Nerdy-One Flavors Podcast Network.

      Talking Timelords - Doctor Who Podcast

  Talking Timelords is a Doctor Who podcast where you can find Doctor Who discussion, story reviews, and the occasional Who news and commentary!